Sixers superstar Jerome Randle rates Adelaide mentor Joey Wright as the best coach of his career | AdelaideNow

ADELAIDE 36ers import and crowd favourite Jerome Randle rates Sixers mentor Joey Wright as the best coach he’s played under.

Randle, who has been tearing the league apart since replacing injured American point guard Kenyon McNeaill after three games, credits Wright with freeing him to play his own game.

‘‘To be honest, he’s the best coach I ever had in my career and you can quote me on that,’’ Randle told the podcast.

‘‘Just being an X’s and O’s coach doesn’t make you the best coach ever.

‘‘I think if you can have that great relationship with your players and have an open door policy with your players, I think that’s more important than X’s and O’s.

‘‘If you can get the best out of them and make them understand that this is a game and you just need to go out there and play free.’’  Read on here.