Elite 101: Shot Creators with Jamal Crawford | The Players' Tribune

Jamal Crawford

Guard / Los Angeles Clippers

I feel like I can get any shot I want.

That’s not to sound cocky or conceited. It’s because I’ve played basketball basically every day of my life. So at some point, I’ve taken just about every shot there is. I’ve figured out the angles, almost like a pool shark. I know where to use the glass, which dribble I need and which spot I want to reach.

Because of that, I know I can get a clean look and get it up there.

There are basically five ways to score in the half court. Layups, mid-range, three-pointers, free throws — and then what I call “tough shots.” Tough shots come anywhere on the floor, under difficult circumstances. The ability to create that shot is a special skill in the NBA.

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