Hoops for Health - Mabel Park State High School

Mabel Park SHS holding Hoops 4 Health September 5th, 2016.

Earlier this year, one of our most hard working and compassionate students at Mabel Park SHS was diagnosed with leukaemia and as a result, was forced to put his studies on hold while he focuses on battling this terrible disease. He was a member of the school’s junior basketball team and epitomised the team spirit that Mabel encompasses. Inspired by his love, dedication and enthusiasm for basketball, school and life, we developed the idea for our Hoops4Health community event.
From sunrise to sunset Mabel Park State High School will host Brisbane’s first 12hr basketball tournament, to unite the Logan community and raise funds for kids battling cancer. Of course to achieve 12 hours of continuous Basketball, we will need as many teams as we can get to take the court for an hour, half an hour, or even ten minutes, every minute brings us closer to the goal. We will also have other entertainment such as music, special guests, raffles, jumping castles and lots more!
In addition to raising funds for CanTeen, Hoops4Health aims to address a second issue evident within our community; its misrepresentation in the media. According to most media sources, the Logan community has a reputation of conflict and violence whereas we believe it to be a community of unity and rich diversity. Through our Hoops4Health community event, we can show the world the true city of Logan. Our community will unite to demonstrate the support we have for each other and our youth.

Brian Kerle Basketball Academy will see you there.