Brian Kerle Basketball

Brisbane Indigenous Basketball Clinics

Registrations open

Click on 'December 15th', then 'continue', provide a parent/guardian contact, then answer a few questions about the participants.  Please only register if you plan to be there to help us reduce the number of absentees.

Saturday December 15th, 2018
9am-2pm | Free
Receive coaching, t-shirt, ball and lunch.
Hibiscus Sports Centre
90 Klumpp Rd Upper Mount Gravatt
Beginner to Advanced (7-17 yo's)

The Brisbane City Council clinics introduce Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth to the game of basketball to increase participation rates and increase their current knowledge, skills and enjoyment of the game.  The clinics provide opportunities for players to be mentored in personal growth in terms of leadership skills, teamwork and confidence and help us achieve our overall goal of reinforcing the importance of a healthy lifestyle and a good education. All this made possible thanks to the amazing Indigenous team at the Brisbane City Council.

Saturday December 15th, 2018

On December 15th, we will hold our next Brisbane City Council Indigenous basketball clinic of 2018 which includes introductory skill-based activities for the children new to basketball and an advanced session for those more experienced and advanced in the game. As well as basketball activities we include activities to connect with Aboriginal elders and mentors, learn about their culture, and develop skills to share their cultural journey with others.  Local elders will share their cultural experiences and encourage players follow their dreams. Indigenous mentors lead a range of cultural activities, including traditional music in the form of didgeridoo performance with art and dance to be included.

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