Ball4Change Samoa 2019

Developing Youth Through Sport
September 22nd - October 5 2019


Samoa 2018 Brian Kerle Basketball
  • Cultural experiences (Fa'a Samoa)

  • Providing free basketball clinics around Samoa

  • Leisure Activities (i.e. To Su'a Trench, and many more amazing places)

  • Basketball games

  • Service and Fundraising to Fiamalamalama Special School

  • Basketball Court repairs

* Itinerary will be sent out closer to the date.

Developing Youth through Sport: This 11 Day Program utilises youth of Australia to provide opportunities to the youth of Samoa.

Across 14 days, participants will play local teams in the Ball4Change Tournament, participate in service projects that contribute to the development of youth in Samoa (basketball clinics, delivery of resources, maintenance of schools and English Lessons) and immerse themselves into the amazing Fa'a Samoa Culture.  Number of spots is limited.


Samoa 2018 Brian Kerle Basketball

Deposit $800 | + Monthly Instalments (4 x 549.75) = Total $2,999


  • Accomodation

  • Transport

  • BK Basketball Gear

  • T-shirt & Uniforms

  • Bag

  • Ball4Change Tournament

  • Service Projects

  • Mentorship from Coaches

  • Experience of a lifetime

Not Included

  • Insurance

  • Leisure Activities

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The Hut

Samoa 2018 Brian Kerle Basketball

Not for profit organisation that aims to provide programmes to enhance developing Pacific Islands' education, environment and health systems.  These projects are tailored to build on the existing potential of youth in lower socio economic communities.  Our name embodies the structure and community that is integral in the running of rural and island communities through out pacific islands. A hut is a place of gathering, growth and development. With this concept we aim to utilise our organisation as a community, where people of all backgrounds can gather for change.
A healthy and educated population is the cornerstone of building a strong and resilient country. The Hut recognises these qualities and creates an avenue for people from the developing to create programmes that concentrate on the development of Education, Health and Environment of pacific islander communities.

Why use sport to develop youth?

Sport is universal and for many, it has been used as a platform to develop areas such as health and equality. Sport achieves this in the following ways;
- Participation in sport lowers risk of developing a Non Communicable Disease.
- Sport acts a platform to mass audiences to deliver high impact messages on other health issues (e.g Tobacco and alcohol).
- Sport supports the equality of women and girls by challenging gender norms through showcasing their talents.
- Sport improves quality of life for people with disability through inclusion and social interaction. This breaks the stigma surrounding people with disabilities.

At The Hut and BK Basketball Academy we believe that educating our youth does not stop in the class room but the knowledge we learn there is enhanced when intertwined with physical activity. For holistic development in our young people fostering physical activity with social and mental health creates a generation fit for leading the World.

The Hut has teamed up with Brian Kerle Basketball Academy to
create a program that utilises western privileges to help developing
countries' develop their youth through sport. Our program gets
together a group of young people from the western world with a
passion for their sport as well as a strong desire to make change
and sends them off to a developing country to experience first hand
how people in developing countries live.

Samoa 2017

Firstly, awesome group to travel with, very cool people to share this wonderful experience.

Samoa to me was AMAZING, the love and joy they showed for their culture on a daily basis, was mind blowing. Compared to how we celebrate our Indigenous culture here, was a huge wake up call to me. The people were simply beautiful. Every place we visited, every person we spoke to or simply exchanged a high five or a smile, we as a group were treated like royalty. Every hug or handshake was so genuine, honest and sincere. Their Basketball athletes were a pleasure to coach and hopefully they learned some skills from our clinics that we conducted while we were there.  For a mob from Australia to travel to Samoa and be welcomed the way we were, was truly AMAZING.  Thank you for the opportunity to attend.


Jason Owens