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Community Programs

Bounce Back & Big Bounce

Bounce Back is a 4-week rotational mentoring program focusing on empowering and guiding young people. Throughout the Bounce Back mentoring program, a guest mentor will provide guidance, share personal experiences, and facilitate discussions to help young people develop a strong foundation in the program's key areas. The program will adapt to the cognitive abilities and maturity levels of the youth, ensuring that the content is relevant and accessible to all participants.

Overall, the program provides young people with the necessary tools and support to transition successfully into a law-abiding and productive life after their release from the detention centers.

Big Bounce is a transitional program directly addressing reoffending risks and promotes positive connections to prosocial leisure and recreational activities. Big Bounce focuses on building a readiness to engage with other services and support that address various reoffending risks, including general welfare and support, as well as cultural needs. Big Bounce will also develop young people's ability to build effective communication skills to promote personal agency.

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