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BK Owls Uniform Set (Blue & White Jersey + Shorts)

BK Owls Uniform Set (Blue & White Jersey + Shorts)

You will recieve 1x Night Sky Jersey, 1x White Jersey and Shorts

Random number provided.


Here are some detail about our jersey:

- Night Sky: signifies the nocturnal owl and chasing your dreams

- #27: Brian is the 27th Australian Boomer and an olympian

- Wings: reminding you to spread your wings and do your best

- BK Family: remind you the bk family always has your back

- Respect Development Community: These are the 3 pillars of BK Owls Basketball

- The side strip and lining is overlayed with the official BK Owls First Nations artwork by Amy Frances.


This artwork encapsulates the core principles of the BK Owls. Namely growth, community, development, participation, and fun.


The significance of their community is depicted through the yarning circles, where players gather to engage in sportsmanship.


The interconnected pathways symbolize the collective journey of growth and development.


The artwork captures the culture of participation and fun within the supportive circle, guided by the spiritual owl"

- Amy Frances @irrarnte_art

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